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Down the technology road….

Greetings classmates and fellow bloggers. Here is the beginning of my path down the technology road…my first blog on my new website…

As you can see, this is me on the side menu, I was getting ready for my RN Pinning Ceremony in 2013. I initially wanted to go to school to be a doctor but I was placed in a vocational class to become a CNA my senior year of high school and stayed in nursing since then (13 years). I was a CNA for a couple years but the pay was horrible for all the hard work so I became a waitress and a nanny to put myself through college. I received an AA in Math and Science, an AA in Liberal Arts, and my ADN in Nursing. I finished a BA in Psychology at CSU San Bernardino and I am now completing my BSN at CSU Channel Islands.

On 10/4/2015, I will be married a year to Ismael Lozano. We just found out we are pregnant (still VERY early so keep those fingers crossed). I have two sisters and my parents will be married 40 years on 12/31/2015. I am very close with my family and my husband is close with his family as well.

I love to wine and dine, listen to live music, try new things, dance, sing karaoke, and play volleyball.

I work at an ambulatory care clinic in Thousand Oaks. These are the responsibilities of my position: Charge Nurse, triage Monday through Friday, eight to five, prescription refills and prior-authorizations for two providers, resource cart daily check, fluoride monthly reports, nurse visits: PPD readings, injections, wound care, patient self injection education, sample medication management: calling reps for stations A,B,C, and Urgent Care, receiving and stocking sample medications for stations A,B,C, and Urgent Care, Patient Assistance Program medication processing, medication room inspection and month-end report. I love my job. I hope to stay for a long time and eventually work there as a Nurse Practitioner.

Very early but very excited!!
Very early, but very excited!!



My name is Janell. I am first and foremost a wife and mother, then student and nurse. My daughter is our joy and blessing from above, she is now 15 months old and so much fun. I quit my job as a med/surg nurse after she was born just as school began- altogether with the hormones combined it was the best decision!

I have taken a very long route to my BSN. I started in a program for it in 2002 but was on an athletic scholarship and traveled with my sport, missing some key classes held once a week (on travel days) and had to drop, only to find out ALL prerequisites and nursing courses were offered IN order- no summer make ups etc… so I went with my double major and graduated with a Spanish (Languages) Degree –  from Liberty University, only to be wait-listed at Saddleback College back home for my ADN… finally I graduated in 2009, when the bonuses stopped, new grad programs dried up, no one was hiring ADNs and in 2010 “BSN in 10” began!…. SO here I am!

I do plan to go back to work but I would like to change fields. I am extremely interested in Labor and Delivery and Postpartum, my interest only increased with my own birth experience. I also really like the idea of becoming a Lactation Specialist, I know it is quite a journey from here- got to switch departments, get a new job, and graduate first!