Welcome to Nursing 401

Welcome to Nursing 401! I am excited that you have made it to this site. Explore and see what is available. More content will be available as we move ahead. If you are looking for something and not finding it, please check this site first, then check CI Learn. If you still can’t find what you are looking for email me!

Your first assignment is create your own free webpage (CI Keys). See this video for instructions, BEFORE trying it! Be sure to subscribe to our page so you get announcements by clicking on the subscribe here tab from the home page. If you are stuck, I can help you when we meet as well! Here are additional resources.

In your new blog, I need your webpage URL so I can collectively connect them to our site, enter it here. Your first blog post should be to introduce yourself – by video, text, image, or whatever you are comfortable with.  Tell us about yourself, your nursing experience, school background, family, and/or outside interests. Are you working? Where? If not, where would you like to work? Where do you see your nursing career headed?

TIP #1: When you create your page, there is an initial screen like below:

Screenshot 2014-12-02 22.00.38

In the area that says “Administrator Username” be sure to put your name. This allows you to be identified when you make comments, posts, etc. on the blogs we will syndicate together.

Tip #2: You will use your newly created web page for this course, however, you may want to use it for something entirely different in the future. Therefore, learn to “categorize” your pages or posts. Please categorize all posts or pages as “Nursing401” (no spaces). This way when I syndicate all of your sites together, we only collect what information you have made on your page specific to the course. If you decide to use the site for connecting with others or developing a blog outside of the course, this allows you to do so, without it all dropping into the course. You can categorize your page or post when you first create it. It is an option on the right side of the page, usually third box down listed as “Categories”. The page in “edit” mode or when you are making a new page or post looks like this:

Screenshot 2014-12-02 22.07.21

Lastly, don’t fret! This may be pushing your limits at using technology, but we will try this together and be successful. You will add technology skills to your learning that may be useful in the future!

See you soon! Jaime

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