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Cultural Online Group Presentation:

What is cultural competence in nursing?

Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of your text identify some significant topics related to caring for diverse people, whether they are clearly identified as a cultural group, or may be a population of people with common needs, practices, or behaviors. Review these chapters and follow the guidelines below to prepare. Due 10/07 with peer responses due 10/09 .

  1. Choose an NBC clip  or other clip, blog, reference, or source to open your presentation. Find a clip that demonstrates a ethnic, racial, gender or cultural issue, or provides an example of a vulnerable population or “cultural”. Then create a power point, google presentation, blog, or VoiceThread (with the clip embedded or the link embedded.)
  2. Educate us about the issues (health, cultural, financial) pertinent to the population exampled by your chosen clip.
  3. Develop a description of possible attitudes, values and beliefs about health care for your population based on culture/race/ethnicity/financial status.
  4. Discuss special needs in healthcare this population might have and describe how nursing can best meet these needs?
  5. Evaluate Healthy People 2020. How do the leading indicators or objectives apply to your chosen population? Are there any goals or objectives that are directed at this population?
  6. For this population: Compare and contrast examples of behavior by healthcare team members that are appropriate, respectful, and inclusive; and behavior that is insensitive, lacks cultural understanding, or reflects prejudice, and discuss how the nurse can intervene in interpersonal and interprofessional situations to improve adherence to professional standards of respect and civility.
  7. Provide APA reference page for all resources used as last page of presentation, appropriate and clear presentation format, visually appealing.
Element Points Possible
1 & 2 Graded on how well your clip demonstrates cultural elements required and how well your group educates us through the power point for element 2. 10
3 10
4 8
5 8
6 8
APA/Format 6
Total 50

-5 points (per individual) for limited or lack of response to peers independently on discussion board


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